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Yingde Engineering

Yingde Engineering

From customer demand analysis, overall solution design, core equipment manufacturing and engineering & construction management, we design, manufacture, install, debug, and produce complete sets of various cryogenic plants to fully meet customer needs.

Design and R&D

Yingde Gases’ professional R&D team provides customers with a full range of services from application demand analysis, overall plan design, core equipment manufacturing and engineering & construction management. Meanwhile, Yingde Gases’ comprehensive management system and R&D facilities and equipment serve as an effective basis to facilitate project research and development processes. In the recent years, Yingde Gases has researched, developed and transformed over 40 design projects and obtained 15 authorized invention patents, 95 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights.

Equipment Manufacturing

Yingde Gases has mastered the manufacturing and production technologies for core equipment. The group’s equipment manufacturing factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang, which possesses the requisite manufacturing facilities for air separation equipment and related equipment, mainly produces auxiliary equipment for air separation units such as fractionation towers, vaporizers, separators and filters. The air separation equipment produced by Yingde Gases has garnered high user satisfaction with its leading technologies and exquisite manufacturing processes. The products are widely used in the steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, machinery, environmental protection, electronics, medical industries and other industries. At present, the company's equipment research and development technologies, product production, project management and on-site construction capabilities are maturing by the day while our on-site construction capabilities are widely recognized in the market.

Project Consulting

Yingde Gases possesses a complete range of design, manufacturing, engineering management, operations, inspection and maintenance systems. Having amassed extensive experience in the construction and operations of numerous large-scale air separation construction projects as well as the construction and operations of complex coal chemical projects, we provide customers with professional and highly efficient project consulting services, including project planning, bid planning, construction planning and other areas.

Engineering Management

Yingde Gases’ experienced and professional engineering management team is well poised to provide customers with efficient, professional, safe and reliable engineering-related technical consulting, equipment installation, project management and construction services.